DIY system

My second system is more or less all DIY, except from the source. Also here a Squeezebox is used, and this time the Classic.

All my music is ripped from CD using EAC (Exact Audio Copy) and stored on a Ubuntu server running Squeezeboxserver. DVD-A is ripped using DVD-Audio Explorer.


The loudspeakers are Ron Clarke's Dallas II with Fostex FE206e. This is a fullrange horn construction with a great sound ;) I have tried them with the KingRex T20+PSU with great results. In this combination they push more air at higher volumes than with the tube setup.

Dallas II - In stereo

Dallas II - Left

The amplifier is a Norwegian design; MAE SET-1 (Motron Audio Experience, 2 x 6,5W Single Ended Tetrode). Troels Gravesen did a review of this amplifier:

Now Playing - Anne Bisson - Blue Mind [FACD025]

Preamplifier is from Bottlehead; Foreplay III. Mine is upgraded with goldpoint volume and selector-knobs.

Foreplay - front #2

Speaker cables from Cardas (SE-15) with audionote banana plugs.

Kabel terminert

Coming soon: Isobaric subwoofer with 2x Beyma 12G40 in a sealed enclosure. A DIY DAC is also required...


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