Pat Metheny - Orchestrion [NONESUCH 7559-79847-3]

New record in house. That happens all the time :D

Pat Metheny - Orchestrion [NONESUCH 7559-79847-3]

And with this record Pat proves to us that he can be a brilliant multiinstrument-street-jazz-musican. I see some problem bringing all those instruments to the street... Well, he is going on a tour - and I'm happy I'm not the tech.

Why? Take a look:

Sonically this is one demanding record. Multiple layers of complex sound, songs moving up and down in volume slowly.

The music is brilliant! The first song is a killer 16 minute masterpiece. Slowly building up, great drumming – hard to keep the foot still.

It’s amazing how well it’s possible to control all these instruments with the technique used. You really believe there are real musicians behind all those instruments. This is one of those records I believe would be stunning as a Blu-ray edition. Young kids would die to be engineers after seeing this.


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