Burson HA-160 Update

Burn baby, burn! 100 hours done and closer to nirvana. Experience so far; it's hard to stop exploring the record collection - just one more song...

Take this record for example:

Dave Grusin - Discovered Again! Plus [XRCD24 LIM XR 002]

Dave Grusin - Discovered Again! Plus [XRCD24] - Front

The sound is silk smooth, it really flows. It’s hard to keep the foot still. The cymbals are very natural. Very “clean” soundstage, like seeing into the studio :)

Originally recorded by Sheffield Lab in 1976, direct to disc and live in studio. Guitar hard right, prec hard left. Bass dead center, drums all way from left to right. Rhodes also center – maybe a bit to the left. I don’t miss any cross-feed functionality even on this record.



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  1. Grusin is a great musician and composer. His album, "Mountain Dance" is one of my all-time favourites and I can highly recommend it to you.
    I am also a KingRex user, having a T20U amp and the PSU, it is a great combination.
    I;m in the process of making a power cable for it and will attempt to upgrade the DC power cable as well.