KingRex T20 Mod

Today my KingRex T20 went to the operation table. I bought a upgrade set for this amp a long time ago after reading about it on 6moons

The caps have been replaced with Mr. Cable and are EMI filters have been removed.

KingRex T20 Mod

The operation was a success, still sound in both channels. :) The very-very first impression is that there is more bottom in the sound. Q: Do I really need a sub? Dallas II and KingRex T20 + PSU are a killer combination. I'm very pleased with the overall sonic balance.

First record out is the latest record from George Benson "Songs And Stories". I got the MonsterMusic edition with hi-rez audio (96kHz/24bit), and its good! Maybe the best sounding record of 2009. The Squeezebox Classic is limited to 48kHz /24bit, I’m waiting for Squeezebox Touch! :)

George Benson - Songs And Stories

The question above is still valid. The bass is full, deep and punchy. New evaluation after 300 hours

Morten Teinum

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