AKG K-702

With the exceptional good Burson HA-160 in house, it was time to do something with my 13 years old AKG K-501. I have tried Sennheiser HD-650 in the past, but I’m more an AKG person.

The next step on the AKG ladder is the AKG K-701, but…. Since the 702 now have the same price tag, and I like the look of the 702 better, the choice was easy.

Today the AKG K-702 arrived!

AKG K-702 #1

Written elsewhere they need 300 hours before they are broken in, but out of the box they truly show high-end qualities. Tight, strong bass, very detailed, dynamic sound.

AKG K-702 #2

Together with the Burson amp, this is a serious reference system at a relative low price.

AKG K-702 #3


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