Have been lazy

Time for change... Since the records mentioned below, 70 new ones have arrived...

Lets have a look at the highlights:

Erik Tagg - Rendez-vous [LXCY-6244]

Erik Tagg - Rendez-vous [LXCY-6244]

I have no idea where "Erik" came from, Eric is the correct spelling. Regardless... As a vocalist on Lee Ritenours Rit, Rit2 and Portrait - he got my attention.

This is feel-good music. Great horn section, very tight and groovy band.

Last year I got Dream Walkin' [PCCY-01085] from cdjapan.co.jp, and wow! Great aor/westcoast music.

Eric Tagg - Dream Walkin' [PCCY-01085] (1981)

I highly recommend both of these records.


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