Sometimes you discover records that truly hit you. For me that is Al Jarreau - High Crime, Toto - Toto IV, Airplay S/T, Donald Fagen - Nightfly and Steely Dan - Aja. These are a part of me - a musical rock from where I will search out for more music in the same direction. Records you can play over and over, they will never fade.

Then from a blog I discovered another one!

Kere Buchanan - Starting Over (2009)

Kere Buchanan - Starting Over

This one is exceptional. The show starts off with "Never Be Another Next Time", you really can feel the energy of the guitar, it brings a big grin on your face - its time to unpack the air guitar, you will need it :)

All tracks on this record are marvelous, there are not many records like this - this is one of them. There are no filler tracks.

When listening to music I like melodies, harmonies, interactions between instruments and groove. This might be why I find "Starting Over" that great, everything is here.

There is a very natural flow in the music, good communications between the musicians. And there is groove. All your muscles are aching to tap it.

This record is now my definition of feel-good music - it truly gets you in a great mood.

Nice artwork! The LP look-alike disc is clever reflecting the needle drop on the first track - love that detail.

Kere Buchanan - Starting Over - Details

Buy the record today!

Kere Buchanan: Starting Over


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