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Kerosene - Art Of Survival

Here is another great, great release from Kere Buchanan & Glenn Bidmead.

kerosene - art of survival

Kerosene - Art Of Survival (2006) from Morten Teinum on Vimeo.

Kere sent me some background information about the songs on the record:

1. Art Of Survival. [mp3]

I remember this track coming together quite quickly. We were nearing completion on the album but we felt we needed an up vibe track as a first cut & we thought maybe a motivational vibe for the lyric. There’s a track on a Richard Page album called ‘The Best Thing’ that I was playing in my car whilst driving to Glenn’s to write, & we used that tempo as a reference. There was also another album I was listening to @ the time by Australian artist Tina Arena called In Deep which had a track called ‘Unsung Hero’ that had this drum groove where the backbeat fell on 4 & I really wanted to use that approach. JR Robinson… One of my favourites!

Lyrically we had ‘Surviving The Life’ & I turned around to Glenn & said, how about ‘Art Of Survival’ & that was it. The banjo features heavily on this by a great guitarist/banjo/producer here called Rod McCormack.

2. Drive All Night. [mp3]

I love these types of grooves. We were listening to a great Shawn Colvin album called Fat City one day, & ‘Orion In The Sky’ came on & so we thought a 6/8-type track would be great to have on the record. I had the verse chords for something else from memory & so we just constructed the rest of it one day, & I left Glenn to do the lyric. He had some strong ideas for it, & I came back a few days later & he had it. The lead vocal is actually the demo we used for tracking & it just seem to work, so we kept it.

3. It’s Alright. (Don’t Cry Anymore.) [mp3]

We were wondering if the album had a strong rock type track one day & I had this vibe over a simple Amin type groove. We wrote this quickly not thinking much of it, but when we came to placing songs on the album it just seem to fit. This features once again Rod McCormack on Papoose & ex-pat Kym Warner on Mandolin.

4. The One That Got Away. [mp3]

This is the first song Glenn & I ever wrote together. I remember I went to his place one day just to catch up & have a coffee, & we sat down & wrote this. Personally this is one of my favourite songs we’ve written. The lyric is based loosely on an old relationship of mine & once again the lead vocal was the demo. Glenn has the incredible knack to nail vocals really quickly with all the essential elements… Conviction/emotion/diction etc. It’s a great vocal performance I think.

5. How Does It Feel? [mp3]

We were in a good old Country/Rocker mood the day we wrote this I think. We had this idea of the shout chorus vibe… ‘Hey Hey Hey’! I really felt horns would work on this & the boys played great.

6. Hands Of Love. [mp3]

This is pretty much a Glenn track that we massaged a little arrangement wise. We’d tracked this @ the beginning of making the album & a hard drive went down & we lost it, but whilst we were mixing some studio time came up cheap so we took the band in & tracked it ‘live’ in a day. It came out 100 times better than what we had, so that was a sign we thought!

7. In Too Deep. [mp3]

We discussed the possibility of having a Piano/Vocal on the album, as we both love strong ballads, & every album needs light & shade. We originally tracked this with a rhythm section, then Acoustic Guitar/Vocal & settled as a Piano/Vocal w/strings. American arranger Larry Muhoberac arranged the strings for this track.

8. Kerosene. [mp3]

This was the second song we ever wrote together. Just a good up simple Country/Rocker with simple lyric. When Glenn sang ‘Threw it away, with Kerosene’, we new that was the name of the track. Glenn said a little later on, Kerosene would be a good name for a band… The rest is history!

9. Light Of The Day. [mp3]

Song writing’s a funny thing as many have methods or formulae’s they use or have been told to use etc, but we have no rules when we write. We don’t ever try to write the HIT, we just use a reference track or a groove, & or maybe lyrically how we’re feeling @ the time & just go for it. I love these types of grooves & so I suggested we write something around this feel & this came out great.

Lyrically this is pretty dark… ‘In the cold light of the day, when the darkness slips away, if you think you’re right through the lonely nights, you better think again’. I love that lyric! I’m sure we all have known someone you could say that too.

10. If You Need Somebody. [mp3]

This wasn’t going to make it on the record as it is a departure writing wise from the rest of the album, but we threw it up for the mix & it sounded pretty good, so it made it on. We think this could work for another artists record.

11. Somewhere Down The Line. [mp3]

I always had this fantasy of us writing a good RnB/Bluesy type track for the album & this it. (A real strong album track that bands like Little Feat used to have on their older records with some great playing & a good longish type fade.) We both grew up in that era of when albums took you on a journey with lots of flavours unlike a lot of today’s records. This is a personal favourite of Glenn’s & mine.

12. My Beautiful Friend. [mp3]

Glenn was reading a book @ the time we wrote this by author Venero Armanno called ‘My Beautiful Friend’ & he said one day we should write a song with the same title. This came out quite quickly as well & features great guitarist Mark Punch heavily on here. There’s a line in the song ‘you’re talking in halos’ which I absolutely love! Glenn just sang it @ the writing sessions & we both looked @ each other & had no idea what it meant, but we both just loved it! This is Glenn’s personal favourite on the album.

13. Down & Dirty. [mp3]

Once again, we were nearing completion of the record & we had a drum & bass track for this song, but I felt we needed to record this ‘live’ with a band with no click. Just roll tape, & have some fun with it. We had it in a few takes, & I really dig the vibe of it. (A loose type track for the end of the album.)

This features John Bettison & Mark Punch on guitars. Great players!

14. The One That Got Away. (Reprise.) [mp3]

I was recording the Piano for ‘In Too Deep’ @ a studio here while Glenn was away & I just thought while I’m here, I’ll track piano only for ‘The One That Got Away’ just in case we wanted it as a bonus track. Glenn did a vocal on it a few weeks later, & we both loved it, & decided to put it on right @ the end of the album. I get a little nervous about repeating tracks on albums, but we thought since we had a full album of music we could afford to use this. I love the way Glenn moves the melody about from the band version.

Now there are two things you should do.

First, get the CD:

Kerosene: Art Of Survival

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