Pure as Norwegian water

Is the Norwegian power as pure as the water up here? Nope! Light dimmers, washing machine, vacuum cleaner, air conditioning, heat pumps, computer power and other electrical equipment produces line noise and in a hi-fi context that is a bad thing.

Looking at an amplifier there are two inputs:

RCA input carrying sound information from a source. Then there is the power input - someting that will amplify the sound signal and feed to the speakers. The saying "crap in - crap out" applies to power as well.

The solution? Look to Serbia!

Trafomatic Audio is a company specialized in tube electronics, with iron from the mother company; Trafomatic LTD. Other that tube electronics we find power regenerators and power conditioners. And it's the latter that is of current interest.

Meet the Trafomatic Audio Experience Model 1000

Trafomatic Audio Experience Model 1000

Taken from trafomaticaudio.com:

The power conditioners from Trafomatic Audio provide cleaner AC power to sensitive electrical equipment and elevate its sonic performance to a higher level. This range consists of the models 500, 1000 and 3000. The figures refer to their maximum output rating in watts.

Mine weights around 14 kilos and the dimensions are 27 (w) 18,5 (h) 35 (d). The box is made of steel with a wood front with a logo attached. There are no lights or switches at the front; everything is on the back plate. Lets then turn it around:

Trafomatic Audio - Experience Model 1000

Here we find one IEC C14 inlet (FURUTECH). One phase from the inlet is then connected to the power switch above then inlet and the other phase is connected to the fuse on the top. The power switch is a C1450AB, 10(3)A 250V switch. Internal cabling all solid core copper. The fuse holder is from "Acme Audio Labs" [http://www.acmeaudiolabs.com/products.htm].

There are six outputs - SCHUKO IP54 PCE [http://www.pcelectric.at/].


Trafomatic Audio - Experience Model 1000

Visual indication

I have created a video where I use a Noise Harvester to check if the Model 1000 does something with the power going through the box. The result?

Here it is on display

Trafomatic Audio - Experience Model 1000

[article in progress]


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