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That is the concise biography of Stefan Gunnarsson. The swedish wikipedia mention him as a multi-instrumentalist, and having a look at his solo album this looks correct. He even plays a Coke bottle on the first track!

Stefan is from the rather small city Boden in Sweden. Born in 1968, starting early with drums and exploring more instruments later on. In 2006 he went on national TV with the program "Så ska det låta". Then finally in 2010 he released his first solo album.

Stefan Gunnarsson - Stefan Gunnarsson [SOGCD 001] (2010)

Stefan Gunnarsson - Stefan Gunnarsson [SOGCO 001]

I discovered Stefan from his contribution on Peter Friestedt's records, superb westcoast/aor music. Stefan Gunnarsson is in the same musical area with great production, slick sound and beautiful arrangements.

There is a feel-good mood over the album, mostly up-beat tunes with a very tight rhythmic section. Your feet will get a workout ;)

The material on the record spans over a great period of time. He was 13 when he wrote "06. Reflections" after a bike ride around "Svartbyträsket". 1 "10. Gotta Find It" (S. Gunnarsson/B. Hobbs) have also been done by Peter Friestedt on "The L.A Project [LAP001]".

In addition to be a great musician, producer and songwriter, he has a great voice as well.

Sound quality is overall good. Good distinction between instruments and reasonable use of compression. No brick-wall master on this one. There is one exception: "4. Bring Me Down" this is a bit aggressive.

The record is released on "Son of a Gun Music AB" that is Stefans company. Produced together with Erik Bernholm who also did the mix.

Stefan Gunnarsson - Stefan Gunnarsson [SOGCD 001] (2010) from Morten Teinum on Vimeo.

Track list:
01. Better Things To Do
02. As You Go Along
03. All Of My Might
04. Bring Me Down
05. Fine Day
06. Reflections
07. Stop, Look, Listen
08. First In Line
09. Words are Not Enough
10. Gotta Find It
11. Let The Gods Do Their Work
12. Things I Didn't Say

Stefan Gunnarsson: Electric Guitar, Acoustic guitar, Yamaha Motif XS7, Percussion, Coke bottle, Background vocals, Wurlitzer electric piano, Hammon Organ, Rhodes MkII, Bass, Trumpet, Drums, Yamaha DX7 (Track 08)
Rasmus Kihlberg: Drums, Congas
Johan Granström: Bass
Göran Eriksson: Electric Guitar, Background vocal
Eric Bernholm: Drum programming, Electric Guitar, Acoustic guitar
Anna Alerstedt: Background vocal

Bo Strandberg: Trumpet and Flugelhorn
Dan Johansson: Trumpet and Flugelhorn
Peter Dahlgren: Trombone
Sigurd Löf: Tenor and Alto Sax

Horns arranged by: Hasse Hjortek

Where to get it

The record is available through cdon.com. Outside Europe it looks like you can get it from megastore.se .

Essential links

Facebook fan page
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Together with Mark Costa, Soren Reiff, State Cows and Kere Buchanan, this is topping the list of best records 2010.

Highly recommended.


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