Blue Coast Collection 2


Blue Coast Collection 2 [DSD]

It was supposed to be released last spring, but now it's here, and it's good. There will be multiple releases of this record. First out is download editions including 44kHz /16 bit, 96kHz / 24 bit, and the most exciting, DSDIFF files. You can also buy a promo CD, but that is a gift if you get one of the download editions (valid if you purchase a download edition in July). In september a Hybrid SACD is released.

DSDIFF or Direct Stream Digital Interchange File Format, is a file container for the format used on the SACD layer, and most likely will the SACD edition and DSDIFF be the same, except you can't rip the SACD. You can play DSDIFF files using Korg AudioGate (mac/win). There is also a DSDIFF plugin for foobar2000 (win) that will play these files without a problem.

Pure Music from Channel D (mac) is also an option.

AudioGate can convert DSDIFF files to multiple formats including flac and Apple Lossless up to 192kHz / 24bit.

On the picture above I have made a 96 kHz / 24bit copy that I can play through a SqueezeBox / Benchmark DAC.


As expected, this is the top of the line. The music is recorded live without overdubs, digital effects and so on, and is wonderfully captured by Cookie Marenco.

This is a no-brainer - get this one:


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