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Yet Another Open Baffle Speaker, or YAOBS for short.

After some years with Dallas II (D2) it was time to check out new speaker designs. My primary concern with D2 was it's lack of bass below 40-50Hz. I have used a small DIY sub with a Scan Speak 8" woofer, but thats nothing to write home about.

There has been a lot of praise when it comes to open baffle solution in the lower end, and I after listening to Gradient Helsinki 1.5, this was a possible route.

A group by on Acoustic Elegance drivers was arranged on hifisentralen, and I was in for 4 x Dipole15 drivers.

One solution would be add SLOB's for each side, but then the size of the total system would be to big.

I ended up with building new baffles, ripping out the FE203EnS/T500mkII of D2 and create new speakers.

Long story short:


* Crossover
* Build log


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